Policy lab

In the policy lab the arena members meet to understand and process policies that effects the innovation system. The purpose with the policy lab will support the projects run in the arena by efficient use and a good understanding for the policies that effects and interface with the specific project. As well as work with the system in order to effect the design and implementation of policies for a higher efficiency in the innovation system.

The Arena

The Gävle Innovation Arena is an open arena where actors drive projects, create insight, understand and develop innovations and work with policies. All in the processes research, innovation, incubation and acceleration. The arena contains a reality lab currently 3*3 km of Gävle, a development platform, a 4D model over the reality lab and data.


The Method

Living Lab is a well proven user centric methodology that applies structure to ensure that the user perspective is continuously used during all phases of the projects and development. The methodology applies in a wide range of contexts and situations and can be used within all processes: Research, Innovation, Incubation and Acceleration.


Sensing City

The Sensing city studie is connecting the traits of the location and the well-being of the patient. The research studie is executed in a reality lab for public health and improved healthcare by collecting contemporary environmental data linked to patients health and location data.

Contact: Jenny Nylund, Project manager Future Position X