THE PORTAL - Gävle Innovation Arena

Gävle Innovation Portal

The portal gives you access to explore, visualize, analyze and leverage on data through the platforms and solutions. You can enter the reality lab in the arena in 2 ways. The obvious one is to just walk the streets in the city of Gävle. You can also choose to enter the reality lab through the digital portal. Through the digital portal you will be able to access data through a platform that allows you to perform geographical analyses.

The platform also offers a possibility for you to create content, apps and other solutions based leveraging on the arena content. When you enter the portal you will also have a possibility to drive simulation in the arena 4D model. The 4D model mirrors the 3×3 KM2 of the city of Gävle.

Gäve Innovation Arena



The 4D model allows you to run simulations, run projects and perform modelling supported by 4D technology. Why should I join? The resources in the arena gives you a unique opportunity to develop or further develop your ideas, innovations, projects and products.  Learn more on how to enter the portal. Do you want to join the pre-launch contact us on ….

Learn more on how to enter the portal or want to join the pre-launch? Contact us