1000 Health pilots

We conduct research projects at Geo Life Region, regarding site impact on individual’s health and well being. We are constantly looking for volunteers or so-called “Frisk Pilots” who would like to voluntarily participate in some of our future research projects. Anyone can apply and be offered to collect health data in our research project.
Contact person: Jörgen Kunnari

Innovation processes

Sometimes we plow through headaches to enhance our performance or become more efficient. We solve these problems through our idea generating process S.P.O.C.K. Here, people meet with different backgrounds, skills and culture with a common issue and new innovative solutions are born.
Contact person: Roland Norgren

Development Projects

We launch and operate projects together with idea carriers, entrepreneurs, business owners and researchers. It could be about developing a service or product, a new research project, or implementation of existing technology for a new area of application.
Contact person: Roland Norgren


We help small and medium-sized companies to reach new markets. We offer project offices in Beijing and Wuhan, as well as a marketing office with incubator’s in Zhuhai, China. We run the project ”TRIIP” - The Regional Innovation Internationalization Project. TRIIP creates new opportunities for young and innovative companies to gain the experience of operating on the international markets.
Contact person: Emelie Hildebrand

Geo Life Innovation Platform

This is a test and development program for developers, researchers, students and innovators. In collaboration with Esri Inc. we use the mapping platform for developing, testing and visualization of the information before it is commercialized to a product or service.
Contact person: Kamilla Fredberg


We create meetings and strengthen ties between people. When people with different backgrounds, skills and cultures meet, new innovative ideas are born. We invite to meetings which creates new projects, new business ideas, or new areas of research. Together with companies, we also participate on the international matchmaking activities for further business opportunities.
Contact person: Ole Oldéen

Geo Life Magazine

Our magazine Geo Life Magazine provides in-depth and current information of what we’re working on. The magazine is published twice a year and includes articles, interviews, announcements, and other exciting news related to our cluster members and partners.
Contact person: Ole Oldeen


Through our newsletter you will receive updates and information of our projects and those of our associated member companies. The newsletter is distributed ten times a year and provides a closer look into our business.
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Do you want to be a part of Geo Life Region and share knowledge and ideas with researchers, companies and innovators?
Contact person: Emelie Hildebrand