Over forty companies in the counties of Dalarna and Gavleborg has taken the step to initiate participation in our internationalization project TRIIP. Participation is a process that, among other things leading up to the standpoint to go forward with force for internationalization, or a choice to wait for more indoor preparation. Coming week we are going to release small scale videos with companies open to share their experiences from TRIIP.

Here you will find a “teaser” with Zava Tec AB Hudiksvall.



The National Land Survey and the University of Gävle in research collaboration

The National Land Survey initiates collaboration with the University of Gävle in order to continue developing education and research in the field of geodata. The aim is to strengthen the skills and capacity for innovation in the field.

We see that several of the University’s areas can greatly contribute to the Land Surveys continued development. The areas we are looking forward to now is the digital decision-making processes, information management and future ways to present the information, says Anna Eriksson, Development of Land Survey.
The agreement was signed Tuesday, February 14. Donald, thats one of the things happened in Sweden last week 🙂

CEO lunches

CEO lunches

In mid-January, Anna Fjällström,Operations Manager at Future Position X, began to have business lunches with all CEOs in FPX member companies. Until now, there have been about 10 lunches. Emelie Hildebrand responsible for Future Position X contacts with members also join the lunches

– Very pleasant and meetings. In many cases it is the first time I meet the management in our member companies, and they get the opportunity to meet me as the new director of FPX. We talk about our respective businesses and to open up for future collaborations in various development Projects, says Anna.

Image, Anna Fjällström and Mikael Junger, Clarion Hotel Winn, Gävle


Botnia Living Lab

A few days ago Future Position X visited the Technical University of Luleå and Botnia Living Lab.
The lab has listed six thousand end users located all over the country.
At  their website you can read:

“To support the process we have developed a Living Lab methodology
named FormIT, adopted by many Living Labs around Europe and exploited by industry. This methodology supports user involvement when developing digital innovations. It´s also a methodology for user empowerment, to capitalize on the power of the crowd. This is an iterative and interactive innovation-process methodology with user-engagement in all phases of the innovation process – from need finding to beta-trial and pre-market launch.
– As we are about to intensify work on our own test bed, there has been an instructive and inspiring day here in Luleå, says Anna Fjällström, Operations Manager at Future Position X, before she steps aboard the the plane at Luleå Airport. We really hope to benefit from the Botnia Living Labs experiences, and I will invite them and all our key partners to Gävle for a day of inspiration & knowledge.

The image from the left. Anna Stålbröst, Marita Holst, both Lulea TU, Jan Andersson, Triple Steelix, Anna Fjällström Future Position X.


The evaluaters has arrived

Today starts the international evaluation of Future Position X´s ten year innovation and research program, Geo Life Region. Today and tomorrow Vinnova and international experts will be in Gävle for several meetings, with Future Position X management, the board, policy makers, researchers and companies. Before the experts leave tomorrow they will present their findings after the days in Gävle. The evaluation will be an important part of the work with the action plan for the next three years.

Contact, Future Position X,

Time for evaluation

Three years have passed with the Geo Life Region program, financed by Vinnova and the VINNVÄXT initiative. Every third year they evaluate the progresses in the different research and innovation programs (VINNVÄXT initiatives) in Sweden. So the 16-17th of May, two representatives from Vinnova and four international experts visit Gävle and Future Position X to evaluate the first three years. The outcomes from the evaluation will be important for the next three years activity and strategy plan that Future Position X will start to work with during the summer.

The evaluation team is: Göran Andersson and Marit Werner, Vinnova.

International experts: Lisa de Propris, Markku Sotarauta, Peter A Hecker samt Roya Ayazi.


Round Table Meeting 2016

For the fourth year, the Round Table Meeting was arranged in Gävle by Future Position X. The conference assembles international research leaders in the fields of health and spatial information. Since 2013 the meetings has generated several Geo Health research projects and the conference is an important arena for discussions, knowledge exchange and new international cooperations.

Sunday the 24th of April, the conference started with a workshop about the database developed by researchers from Texas AM University.


The participants 2016 comes from Canada, The US, Great Brittain, India, China, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.

Contact person:

Politicians about Geo Life Region

The 15th of April, regional representatives from the Swedish parliament visited Future Position X. Present was the social democrats Raimo Pärssinen, Elin Lundgren, Patrik Lundqvist, their Ombudsman in Gävleborg Sanna Backeskog and Anders Schröder from the Swedish Green Party.

The CEO Johan P Bång did a presentation about the cluster organization and about the Geo Life Region program. The next three years activity plan for the Geo Life Region, that will be submit to Vinnova in September, were under discussions.

Awarded with gold

gold label 2016

During a special ceremony in Gävle the 14th of Mars, received the cluster “Gold Label of Cluster Management Excellense” after the evaluation by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis. Independent international evaluators reviewed the structure of the cluster, the working methodologies, the impact in national and international media, efficiency, activities, goals and results.

Future Position X received the “Gold label of Cluster Management Excellense” 2013 and was awarded for the second time in Mars 2016. The organization is the only Swedish cluster with Gold Label, and the only GIS-cluster in Europe that has received “Gold Label of Cluster Management Excellense”.

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Landräddningen – app for a safer society

In the end of 2015, the project “Landräddningen” was closed.

A workshop was arranged by Future Position X with purpose to continue the work and implement the project in more municipalities than in Gävle.

Representants from Gävle, Hofors, Ockelbo, Söderhamn and Hudiksvall participated, as well as the initiator of Landräddningen, Henrik Essungen.

There was a big interest of continue the project and the region Gävleborg together with Västra Götaland is precursor of using, developing and spreading information about the application.

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