Geo Life Startup Platform

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Researchers and innovators often have limited access to relevant test and formative platforms. To fix this problem, ESRi has kindly put at the Geo Life Region´s disposal its tests and formative platform.

If there at all are any relevant test or formative platform, they are very expensive, which in turn makes researchers much harder to make or ideas to be developed.

For three years, researchers, innovators and companies can use the “Geo Life Start up Platform”, when they have been granted the access.  On the platform you´ll find software and technologies such as Arc-GIS, Arc-GIS server, Image system and 3D modulation with the related support and training, as well as free access to ESRI´s wide conference selection.

– Our inolvement in the Geo Life Region project gives us a unique chance to contribute with our modern technology platform to something that is simultaneously good for humanity and for the development of Gävleborg. We strongly believe that studying geography can tell us more about why we get sick but also for providing us great solutions for our major public health problems, says Lars Backhans, President of ESRI Sweden.

Critereas for researchers, innovators and companies to apply:

  • The company must be at most three years
  • The use of the platform is to develop a commercial product or service
  • Have less than 1 million US Dollar in annual turnover

Contact person: