A few days ago Future Position X visited the Technical University of Luleå and Botnia Living Lab.
The lab has listed six thousand end users located all over the country.
At  their website you can read:

“To support the process we have developed a Living Lab methodology
named FormIT, adopted by many Living Labs around Europe and exploited by industry. This methodology supports user involvement when developing digital innovations. It´s also a methodology for user empowerment, to capitalize on the power of the crowd. This is an iterative and interactive innovation-process methodology with user-engagement in all phases of the innovation process – from need finding to beta-trial and pre-market launch.
– As we are about to intensify work on our own test bed, there has been an instructive and inspiring day here in Luleå, says Anna Fjällström, Operations Manager at Future Position X, before she steps aboard the the plane at Luleå Airport. We really hope to benefit from the Botnia Living Labs experiences, and I will invite them and all our key partners to Gävle for a day of inspiration & knowledge.

The image from the left. Anna Stålbröst, Marita Holst, both Lulea TU, Jan Andersson, Triple Steelix, Anna Fjällström Future Position X.