Geo Life Region

What is Geo Life Region?

Future Position X is in charge of the ten-year long innovation and research program Geo Life Region. The work is based on the locations impact of our health and well-being as well as the human impact on the location and environment. This new area of knowledge we call Geo Health. We want to make Gävleregionen an international center for research and advancements within this new area of expertise.

We create environments where experts within geographical information technology and researchers within working environment, medicine, genetics, behavioral science, sports science and public health can meet. By connecting various skill sets we see growth in new knowledge, new solutions and new business areas. Cross fertilization leads to new innovations, products and services, new and growing businesses and more job opportunities.

We are constantly looking for volunteers or so-called “Health Pilots” who voluntarily participate in future research projects.  Anyone can apply and be offered to collect health data in our research project.

The program is based on three pillars – innovation, internationalization and research.  Geo Life Region is primarily funded by Vinnova.

Future Position X, the association that is running the Geo Life Region program, provides help for companies and organizations to develop new products and services as well as how to expand to new markets. We also operate research and development projects with the goal to create new companies and new job opportunities in the region. More information


Our target groups

innovators, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs
You are welcome to contact us if you have an idea for a new project, service or company; based on geographical information technology. We will help you test, develop, validate and demonstrate GIS and LBS applications. You can reach an international market through our global network.


Companies, and organizations
If your company or organization is searching for innovation support or new models to meet users, clients or markets, we will help you find your way forward. We organize meetings between companies, organizations, researchers and users who stimulate and advance your business.



As a researcher looking to collaborate or exchange with other researchers, feel free to use our national and international network. If you are looking for a test group, we can help to arrange one. The criterion you need to fulfill is for your research to involve geographical information in some manner, a specific discipline is not required.


About Vinnova and the VINNVÄXT programme.

VINNVÄXT is a programme that takes the form of a competition for regions. The aim is to promote sustainable growth by developing internationally competitive research and innovation environments in specific growth fields.

The winning regions will receive funding of up to SEK 10 million per year for a period of ten years. The objective is that the winners will become internationally competitive in their respective fields within this period. More information