Future Position X operates research and innovation projects and help companies and organizations to reach new markets. We are now running a ten year program, Geo Life Region with focus on geographic information and health.

Read more about the different areas the program includes below. Welcome to contact us for further information.


Geo Life Region

Future Position X is in charge of the ten-year long innovation and research program Geo Life Region. The work is based on the locations impact of our health and well-being as well as the human impact on the location and environment. This new area of knowledge we call Geo Health. We want to make the Gävle Region an international center for research and advancements within this new area of expertise.

We create environments where experts within geographical information technology and researchers within working environment, medicine, genetics, behavioral science, sports science and public health can meet. By connecting various skill sets we see growth in new knowledge, new solutions and new business areas. Cross fertilization leads to new innovations, products and services, new and growing businesses and more job opportunities.

We are constantly looking for volunteers or so-called “Health Pilots” who voluntarily participate in future research projects. Anyone can apply and be offered to collect health data in our research projects.

The program is based on three pillars - innovation, internationalization and research. Geo Life Region is primarily funded by Vinnova.
Contact person: Ole Oldéen

Research and Development

Inside our cluster's varying test and development environment, we pursue research projects within geographical information connected to, among other things, logistics, environment and health. This bridges new connections between the various areas of research which advances local, national and international research. It also attracts international professors to our region.

Our region also have a number of courses which is an integral part to address future needs of competence in the area of geographical information. The University of Gävle has a three-year bachelor’s programme, IT Systems Development in Geographical Information Systems and a GIS-master course. Folkuniversitet has a distance course “Advanced GIS-user”

Within the framework of Geo Life Region, we annually invite international professors and experts in Geo Health from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, China, the UK and Sweden. Our participating researchers from Sweden comes from the Karolinska Institutet and the University of Gävle. The dialogue between top researchers and experts in the area of geographical information and health seeds new areas of research.
Contact person: Roland Norgren


With a well-established international network, we help small and medium sized companies to reach new markets. Together, we work out an action plan and support with connections, experience, skills, commercialization and inspiration.

”TRIIP” - The Regional Innovation Internationalization Project. The project will develop and build models to help new and innovative companies enter the international market. The projected focuses especially on companies from Gävleborg, Dalarna and Värmland. The participating companies receives help and experience working through the international markets in a safe and secure way.

We cooperate with investors, especially from the US and China, to expand and increase the investment capital for the companies looking to reach new markets. We organize meetings between the member companies and investors to procure funding for the development stages.
Contact person: Emelie Hildebrand

The innovation process

We know that new ideas emerge in meetings and conversations between people. We therefore offer venues for entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners, researchers and public actors. We organize workshops with people who carries diverse skill sets, cultures and experiences. With the process we call SPOCK, new potential business ideas are modeled and move them towards commercialization. Here, we cooperate closely with business incubator Movexum.

For development and tests of new business ideas with potential on location and health, we offer the Geo Life Startup Platform. A collaboration with Esri Inc. for idea carriers, entrepreneurs, companies and researchers who gains free access to a digital platform for test and development of new products and applications.
Watch the clip about the Geo Life Startup Platform

Contact person: Kamilla Fredberg